Back to the Future ~ P.J. Salvage®

PJ Salvage Anniversary Print Flannels on Lingerie Briefs

The very first lesson I ever learned as a merchant was the pursuit of the key item and how to maximize its potential. The term “key item intensification” became a maxim for good retail practice. Identifying a product and expanding its exposure while eliminating styles trickling along in sales is the mark of a savvy buyer. This practice carries through to the wholesale venue. It takes only one great item to build volume. Back in the early days of Macy’s intimates private label division, when I was charged with directing its growth, we identified the flannel pajama as the bearer of our key item flag. In fact, I have firm memories of “bidding wars” between executives at our corporate meetings. There was always competition between divisions on who could stock more, sell more and exceed gross margin expectations. Thus, I spent a great deal of time developing the right novelty prints and yarndye patterns. There are winners and losers and success depends upon the ability to capitalize effectively. In those halcyon years, our sales reflected our grasp of this knowledge elevating our program to a place of recognition.

PJ Salvage Anniversary Print Flannels on Lingerie Briefs

I departed Macys in the early 90’s and lost sight of their PJ initiative.  But shortly thereafter, P.J. Salvage®  arrived on the sleepwear scene with their signature flannel pajamas giving access nationally to a bevy of pajama prints right on target for their customer, a modern, young, casual woman who is all about comfortable fashion. Two decades later, P.J. Salvage® is a force to be reckoned with. Their collections of casual lifestyle loungewear using multi-faceted progressive fabrics are fixtures in both ready to wear and Intimate stores. In honor of their 20th anniversary, this eponymous label has just re-launched their original best-selling prints: Bronco, Route 66, Sheepy Time and Lips. As relevant now as 20 years ago, these pajamas promise to be a viable anchor for sleepwear sales globally.  Happy Birthday P.J. Salvage® !

“Wise Is the One Who Flavors the Future With Some Salt From the Past.” ~Curtis Tyrone Jones



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