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Introducing Of The Bra For Small Boobs

Many ladies with smaller chests start out in a training bra and never get fitted when the time comes to bra shop, so they end up in any bra that slightly fits right off the rack (no pun intended).Just because the national average bra size is a 36DD, doesn’t mean that loyal members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee are completely satisfied with their options. However, regardless of your size, you deserve to have the perfect fit (no digging of underwire and n-o gaping cups!). Check out the best bras for your itty bitties.



Many smaller chested girls go for padding to add a little oomph, but if you have little-to-no breast tissue to work with, padded bras can weigh your bra down in the front. This causes a rising back band and some discomfort, so opt for an unlined bra for some lifting underwire and a lightweight feel.


Bralettes are ideal for ladies who need a little bit of support, and little structure. They’re cute and lightweight, so you can wear them throughout the hot summer (very breathable) and show off the lacy details.
Add 2-Cups

Most of us want to go for a more natural look when it comes to ‘the girls’, but there’s no shame in padded bras if they’re a comfortable confidence booster! Try an add 2-cups style and go from an A cup to a C cup in two snaps.

T-shirt Bras

tshirt bra
T-shirt bras are suitable for any breast size and shape, and every girl needs one! This t-shirt bra in particular has a T-back you can show off or keep under wraps. Either way, you’ll have great support and it feels like it’s barely there.

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