Make Your Bra More Comfortable

How To Make Your Bra More Comfortable

I have a love/hate relationship with bras. I love them because they keep my boobs neatly in place – and I need that because they’re definitely on the bigger side (I’m not into the idea of them just flopping around, you know?). Even though I feel uncomfortable without a bra, sometimes I feel more uncomfortable when wearing a bra, because, let’s face it – bras can suck sometimes. Whether it’s the strap sliding down my arm, the underwire starting to poke through the fabric, or my boobs popping out of the cups, it’s the worst.

Luckily, there are ways to make wearing a bra better… and they don’t all involve spending money on a new bra. Sometimes, even when your bra is the right size, it’s just not that comfy. Here are 8 tips on how to make your more comfortable:

1. Make Sure You’re Wearing The Right Size

Make Your Bra More Comfortable

First things first: make sure you’re wearing the right size. Have you ever had a proper bra fitting (and no, I don’t mean at Victoria’s Secret)? Most women are wearing the wrong size, and finding the correct one can really change the way your bra feels. Get two opinions if you’d like, and don’t be afraid to do a lot of trying on and testing out different brands and sizes to find the one that really works for you.

2. Wear Wide Straps and/or Bands

Make Your Bra More Comfortable

Wide straps may not look as great with certain items of clothing, but try to wear them as often as possible. Wide straps are a little bit more comfortable and they also give more support. You should also look for wide bands, which do the same thing.

3. Make Sure You Adjust It

Make Your Bra More Comfortable

I used to work at Victoria’s Secret, and I met a lot of people who didn’t know they were supposed to adjust their straps after buying a bra. I know that at VS, the new bras always had the straps tightened as much as possible. You may need to loosen your straps all the way, or at least a little bit. You should also make sure you’re playing around with the band. I always find that when I first buy a bra, everything needs to be a bit more loose as it molds to my body shape. After a while, things need to be tightened. Remember that just because you started with the straps super loose doesn’t mean they should never change after a few months wear.

4. Go For Full-Coverage

Make Your Bra More Comfortable

Even when you’re wearing the correct bra size, I’ve always found that full-coverage is the most comfortable – especially when you have a larger chest. Full-coverage may not always be the sexiest option, so if that bothers you, only wear them when no one is going to see your underwear! Full-coverage ensures that your boobs won’t pop out of place or fall out of the cup. I love wearing full-coverage bras – I barely have to adjust all day!

5. Make The Underwire Choice That’s Right For Your Size

Make Your Bra More Comfortable

If you have a bra size on the smaller side, you may want to go for bras without underwire. Underwire can be super annoying and uncomfortable, and if you don’t have to wear it, don’t! Unfortunately, I do feel like girls with larger chests need underwire for the extra support. If you need it, go for soft underwire.

6. Go For A T-Shirt or Cotton Style

Make Your Bra More Comfortable

A lace bra with lots of embellishments is super pretty and fun to show off. But are those practical for every day? Not really. When you’re just wearing a bra to school, go for a simple cotton or t-shirt style. These are comfier, lighter, and not as much as maintenance.

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