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Tips for Choosing the Correct Lingerie for Body Shape

Well! All we should focus on that lingerie selection is all about stirring up your raunchy side and feeling the epitome of sensuality with beautiful fabric feel right against your skin. However, not many are adept at selecting the right lingerie to get that confidence and the oomph factor. And, today we share some fabulous tips to choosing the correct lingerie for body type to bring out the right naughty feel in order to address your lingerie woes.


Body Shaping Undergarments

Rule 1: Accentuate Your Best Features

Browse through hordes of fashion magazines and you would find plenty of fashion articles overflowing with tips and ‘gyaan’ on selecting the right lingerie for your body type. Yes, it is true that body shape is certainly the most potent guide but you must remember to select those lingerie’s which accentuate your best features and covers your flaws successfully. For instance, if you are looking at something for great uplift and silhouette, a balcony style bra would fit the bill while basques and corsets are great for accentuating the waistline and covering rounded tummy issue. Simultaneously, they are great at giving your breasts oodles of uplift. Bottom line is after adorning them, you must feel confident and the sexiest lady on the earth. Thus, even while you are classifying your body as pear shaped, rounded, hour glass, etc., get a clear idea of what looks good and get lingerie that hugs your body in just the right places.

Accentuate Your Best Features

Rule 2: Identify Your Body Type

Yes, it is indeed important to know about your body type. This would give you the basic flow of how to flatter your body shape with lingerie. Check out few body types and which lingerie will look best on it:

Pear shaped– Falling in this category means you have a curvaceous body. Flaunt your curves with lingerie’s that are sexy and flirty while being wrapped around the middle. Going for two piece set works best with this body type.

Ruler shaped– If you have a slim build and wish for some curves in your body, your body type will fall in this genre. Good news is that with this body type, you can practically get away with anything and everything. You can actually let yourself loose with all frills and ruffles on the cups to accentuate your breast! With all lace and silky satin, I bet your partner would get blown over just by the sight of you in those ooh so sexy lingerie!

Apple shaped– In this shape, your chest is better well-endowed than your hips. The trick here is to go for lingerie that draws attention to your breasts rather than the hips part. Corsets or any items with a low plunge in the front would look awesome. Details in the bust area look out of the world.

Plus size– Hey! Don’t fret or feel despondent if you belong to this category. The choice here is as varied and plentiful as for rest of the fairer sex. My suggestion to you would be to go for dark rich colors and curve-enhancing corsets. Today, number of brands have let loose varied body shaping undergarments which can be adorned on a daily basis. Similar lingerie’s are also available. Whether online or in stores, I bet you would be spoilt for choice.

Identify Your Body Type

Rule 3: Don’t Forget Your Dress

While you are pampering yourself with super sexy lingerie, don’t forget your dress! What you are wearing on top of the lingerie would have an equal bearing on the lingerie you would finally pin for yourself. You definitely would not like dark colored lingerie over a light cocktail dress or your straps baring themselves on an off shoulder dress. For the pure hell of it, get yourself an all-alone sexy lingerie piece to make you look like a sex goddess. Adorned in it and waiting in your bedroom might just be the best gift your partner has ever received in his life. It would definitely spice things up.

Don’t Forget Your Dress

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