A Family Bedhead Pajamas

One of the aspects of Latin culture for which I have such admiration is their genuine regard for family and friends. Children play an intricate part in their everyday rituals. Today is Dia de Los Muertos here in Cabo. That’s Spanish for the Day of the Dead, a two day holiday that follows directly after Halloween paying tribute to family who have passed on.  Dating back centuries, the observance which originated in Mexico, eventually spread across the world. In typical Mexican style, the religious aspect is paramount but the entire celebration presents itself in a colorful display of flowers, food, and trinkets. The imagery is spectacular. It is such a part of their heritage that the symbolism often extends into local lore. Altars can be seen everywhere, roadside, in plazas, in shops and even at Walmart where the retail giant has merchandised a commercial shrine. The visual feast is hard to ignore.

Bedhead Bon Voyage printed pyajmas

The lingerie segue here is interesting. My first thought was the correlation between the Bedhead Pajamas ethos and the family values that they proffer with their product. The brand offers many of its dynamic prints in sizes for young, old and even canine. The one that caught my attention this holiday season, the Bon Voyage PJ is a global panoply highlighted with metallic gold detail. Designed on Bedhead’s signature cotton knit, it is a sophisticated gift collection offering something for the entire clan. Even though these PJs are Made in the USA, I was particularly inspired by this new Bedhead statement supporting world inclusion. It’ s a homage to true family values.