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Fashionable Trend: Uye Surana Supportive Bralettes

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“Young indie brand re-engineers the best features from bras & bralettes and is creating a more inclusive, comfortable, and beautiful space in lingerie.”


Anyone who’s ever worn a bra knows that even in the year 2016, they have a lot of issues. Straps slip or dig, bands pinch and ride up, and stabbing underwire is honestly the worst. Plus, they’re only available in so many sizes and colors — and if you’ve got a bigger bust, you’re probably stuck with all things bulky and beige.
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Bralettes sound like an okay alternative at first — which is why they’re having a total moment in the lingerie world. They’ve got that free-spirited, effortless glamour. But most of them just don’t work for
everyone — because they’re not designed to. S/M/L sizing can’t account for the different variations of people’s bodies, and most bralettes are just designed to be pretty, instead of supportive.

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Uye Surana is the brand that’s putting an end to all of that. We are bringing joy back to lingerie by bringing more people bralettes – comfortable, beautiful and supportive bralettes.
Uye Surana bralettes are not your average lacy little thing. They’re packed with luxury details and technical features, crafted to give every body comfort, lift, and a relaxed fit. They put together the most essential features of bras and the beauty and comfort of bralettes (plus a decade of design expertise) to create lingerie that’s super-functional and stunning.
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Oh, plus they’re handmade in NYC. They’re graded, tested, fitted, and available in a size range of over 40 sizes, plus free custom sizing for everyone else. And they’re made (and modeled!) by women with inclusivity in mind.

So, let’s go over the facts really quickly: someone finally made lingerie that’s comfortable, and really really pretty, and actually comes in your size.

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People on Kickstarter have already realized how genius Uye Surana’s work and design is. That’s why they’ve already sailed past their first funding goal of $10,000 in just 5 short days. And the campaign is still going through November 16th. See the campaign video & story HERE, live on Kickstarte

bra model wear sexy bralettes