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The Honey collection: Skarlett Blue

Skarlett Blue Bra lace black

The essence of Lingerie Briefs is to provide lingerie insight via poetic moments in my life. There are days when I write this blog that I am flooded with thoughts. Something within my focus ignites an idea and I am off. Experience and vision combine and the deed is done, sometimes within minutes. This, however, is not always the case.  Today is one of those days. And now, when the site’s reach has grown exponentially, a free-wheeling work space can sometimes evolve into the old world pressure of “Publish or Perish”. There are expectations that success demands, like keeping on schedule.  Combing the market for worthy product does not always reveal the perfect metaphor. But two things are sure: I won’t be trite and I will do my utmost to remain consistent.  It might not always be Shakespeare, but certainly I will provide some intelligence into intimates rising in the market.

the back of Skarlett Blue Bra

So, that’s exactly what I have decided to do. I have wanted to highlight the Skarlett Blue 4 way stretch bra from the Honey collection since it was launched. This style had a double digit sell-through within days of its delivery to stores, a fact worthy of recognition. Its appeal to contemporary young women, who want a t-shirt bra that conforms to the torso, meets several wardrobe demands and remains cozy, yet sexy, has made it a millennial favorite. It fits sizes 32-36 A-DD cups. Skarlett Blue first appeared on the Intimates landscape in 2013, flying quietly under the radar as they developed their profile within the infrastructure of an established and reputable company; in this case, Dana-Co. Staying steady in intention, without compromising quality, they stuck to their plan and are creating a carefully cured success story. . . I can identify.