I Wear This Bodysuit to Barre Class And Work And Happy Hour

If it’s winter, getting dressed is easy. Regardless of what day it’s, I know precisely what I’ll be wearing: the Universal Standard Next to Naked bodysuit. I have four. It’s my blank slate for getting dressed.
The moment I discovered about Universal Standard and its own inclusive selection of sizes (which include everything from 00 to 40), I immediately wanted to encourage the business by purchasing something. I picked the Next-to-Naked bodysuit since I loved its compact look. And at first, that’s the way I wore it. I put a tank over it and moved to barre class, where I no longer had to be concerned about yoga pants riding a sports bra riding up. What I really enjoy, however, is the comfort this one-piece provides me while bicycle riding. No matter how low I bend forward over my handlebars, my spine is always warmly (and modestly) coated. On days when it’s too windy or freezing to ride, forcing me to walk across the river rather, I wear the bodysuit for a base layer under track pants and a thermal jacket.

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After working at the bodysuit, I was comfortable that it had been difficult to convince myself to change back into regular clothes. Rather than fighting this feeling, I gave in. I bought a second bodysuit and started experimenting with regular use. A week after, I purchased two more. If I’m only working around my home or running errands, then I use it with a tee (or a flannel shirt) and a long grandpop cardigan and stompy boots. Because I wear a lot of unstructured pull-over dresses at winter, the bodysuit goes on first — a smooth column of color that gets rid of the requirement for distracting and uncomfortable paraphernalia like camisoles, slips, or tights.
It is simultaneously utilitarian and lavish. The elastic straps (which never slip), the greater neckline, and the upper-rib-cage seam provide some breast aid, along with the contoured waistband retains the bodysuit level across the waist, where nobody wants any extra fabric. It’s insanely soft, comfy, and liberating. If I did not appreciate it so much, I would actually forget it was there.
When I explain my bodysuit’s flexibility to my friends, most seem to be fixated on one thing: Do I have to pull it down for bathroom breaks? Yes, is the solution. I really do. I can figure that out, and it’s absolutely worth it.