Kendall Jenner and Rihanna Aren’t Burning Their Bras Just Yet Review

Oudoir dressing was all over the runways for Fall, giving trendy A-listers permit to bring their prettiest underpinnings–slip dresses, marabou-feathered heels, corsets–out into the light of the day. Founded in West Hollywood, Kendall Jenner worked a hot Sexy Bra to her groupie-off-duty appearance, which included a shredded Fear of God metallic shirt, while over in New York, Rihanna put an athleisure spin on the design with pieces from Puma.

Jenner’s ensemble strikes a modern balance between high fashion and rock stars. The open T-shirt is a good excuse to show her Are Are I sporting shapewear, while The Row’s light-colored boots and jeans bring those who try the idea of ​​underwear outerwear to choose people who are streamlined, Rihanna takes a Operate in a sporty way, although the checkerboard bag must be a bit polished.