Navy Lingerie, the Latest Lingerie Trend for Spring Summer

Has it ever occurred to you which you suddenly begin loving a colour and, even since that time, you simply appear to like clothes? Certainly we are not the only individuals who develop sudden color –crushes. We are obsessed with Navy lingerie and shades of dark blue! We’ve rediscovered it this year and it’s stolen our heart, although we are aware that navy is not a color in lingerie! Navy blue is the color to wear in Spring Summer 2019! Navy may not look like the first option for Spring Summer lingerie, but just consider the number of amazing blue and lovely lingerie along with nightwear fashions we have in stock right now:
These lingerie designs above are not the only ones in colour navy we stock. Not at all. We’ve got tons of styles in all colors of blue, out of skies tones into the darkest navy. Those above are just an introduction, but there’s more: Janira, Wonderbra, Aubade, PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, Panache… all the principal lingerie brands are embracing the navy blue. Is Navy Lingerie on trend afterward? Yes, it surely is and we are not the only people who believe so. Refinery 39 talked about the rise of the navy blue a few months back as the ideal colour to oppose Millenial pink and called it a’Summer Neutral’:”the perfect alternative to an-all black look (…) It’s chic, effortless, and, in our view, is totally underrated”. We have spotted similar features in Vogue, ELLE and other fashion magazines that support this. It’s time to re-consider swapping your basics for navy lingerie?