The absolute charm of underwear classic

A timeless in lingerie

It had been in the early 1960s the lingerie company — at the moment, known as’Canadian Lady’; later to become’Consolidated Foods’ and now the’Sara Lee Corporation’ (yes, of confectionary fame) — launched, nay, invented the most pioneering lingerie product of the 20th century: the Model 1300 plunge push-up bra.

Ultimate elegance: Wonderbra Refined Glamour Balconette Bra

Yes, that’s the one that you know and adore.


The Wonderbra merchandise has ever been at the crossroads where clever design, comfort and economy meet fashion and sex appeal.

How do they do it, you ask?

Here is the million dollar question: Just how (on Earth) do they do it?

How can they maintain that the reputation of being a master designer dedicated to panties manufacturing, whilst still making the wearer feel confident?

How do they wed technical sewing abilities and production techniques that are innovative with raunchy, boudoir-friendly lingerie?

The answer: nobody knows. But it’s safe to say, Wonderbra is your very best at it.


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The modern Wonderbra

lovely lingerie may be regarded as a stalwart in panties creation, but no matter how reliable the product is, the manufacturer has ever taken the lead from the realm of style lingerie. With names such as’Elegant Glamour’ and’Modern Chic’, the collections of the brand meld fabric options and patterning that is bold with lines and cuts that are fashionable.

The company appeals to all those customers who want a pair of principles in their underwear drawer and an additional range of knock-nightwear for particular occasions.