Which strapless bra passes the CARTWHEEL test?

Comfortable they may be, but there’s no denying that they look unsightly poking from a summer apparel.
The alternative — a strapless bra — might sound like a fantastic idea but, as any woman knows, they are often flimsy, offer little support and threaten to show you every time you bend forward.
Meanwhile, even if you opt for a sturdier model, it may ride down over the course of the day, end up somewhere about your waist and pinching you unpleasantly.
But today, many bra makers claim their latest models have overcome those problems, making moving strapless a breeze, even for especially well-endowed women.
So, how can you know if a strapless bra will probably remain in place? Women online have come up with a gold-standard evaluation: doing a cartwheel when wearing them.

strapless bra

If you’re supported all the way around, then you know for sure the bra is trusted.
To work out that figurines do the job, FEMAIL contested model Letitia, with a 32DD bust, to place seven strapless styles through the cartwheel challenge
THE BASICS: A spiced-up plain bra having a lacy rear strap that is quite slim, but has three hooks with four tightness configurations. Detachable straps can be found.
TRICKS OF THE TRADE? Seemingly none.
THE CARTWHEEL TEST: Fail — neither cup remained in place and it slipped down.
MODEL LETITIA SAYS: The tiny cups on this lovely bra would be to blame for the unsuccessful cartwheel — you need to be careful bending or you might pop from it.
That said, I enjoy this bra, though it’s pricey for what it is. It’s appealing — it’d be good for a romantic day — comfortable and it will give some support, not in extreme scenarios.
I’d feel confident walking down the street in it, although if I had to run to get a bus, I’d hold my boobs! That said, it doesn’t irritate you or feel heavy. It is a relief occasionally for a bra Simply to pay your breasts — not the stomach and rib cage as.